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As we get further into winter, the temperature drops and the icy conditions can begin to creep in. Have you thought about the potential impact a heating failure could have at your school? Schools need to be prepared for the possible consequences of heating failure, the financial impact, and how these failures can be prevented. 

Heating failure in schools, article photo

With a heating failure, not only will pupils and teachers suffer from the cold temperatures, with lack of energy, lower test results and a loss of focus being just some of the symptoms, but infrastructure can obviously be damaged when under attack from repeated low temperatures. This can lead to breakdowns and potential school closures.

Financial impact can arise from the many areas of the school that will be affected from a heating failure. Temporary heating devices may cost an initial outlay, and may not be as energy and cost efficient as they could be. Heating failures, when they relate to power supply, may cause problems with catering leading schools, who will need to consider the impact of short term catering measures on both their budgets and the pupil’s health and wellbeing.

In many cases the school may have to close meaning that children will not be able to attend school and will therefore have to stay at home or with a friend or relative.

In addition to the direct impact that this can have on the school, it can also create financial impact on the parents who may have to take time out of work to look after the child. That can then also have a knock on effect to the people that employ them. Who is going to cover their work whilst absent?

How can heating failure be prevented in schools?

These heating failures can be prevented by regular maintenance of your heating system. A maintenance plan, with regular visits from fully trained engineers, can help locate and repair problems before they occur. This not only saves you from potential failures and closures, but can also be extremely cost effective.

Historically, schools and educational establishments have not been always been committed to looking at their heating systems with a long term view. By committing to a regular maintenance plan, any educational establishment, whether it is a school, college or university, can be sure that the financial impact of a heating failure can be minimised significantly, if not eradicated completely.

Notably there are now Insurance policies that parents can take out against the cost implication to them, especially as many companies are now refusing to pay staff when this type of occurance happens. This article in the Daily Telegraph expalins further.

Regular maintenance of your school’s heating system also improves its efficiency and is better for the environment while saving essential funds. Your school not only saves on the possible financial impact of heating failures, but regular maintenance will make the school’s heating system more efficient, providing long term benefits.


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