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Airport terminal buildings served by the existing boilers were suffering from poor heating performance due to the age and condition of the heating plant.

The client’s requirements

Airport terminal boiler maintenance photoAster Maintenance were tasked with carrying out a partial replacement of the heating plant supplying the main terminal building and one of the aircraft maintenance hangars.

The existing modular boilers were functional but showing obvious signs of wear-and-tear. They were also starting to require extensive repairs to remain safe and serviceable.

The challenges

As replacements, Aster Maintenance installed two new Hamworthy Wessex ModuMax Mk3 boilers together with new flues. The main challenge that we faced was that two of the existing boilers were to be retained, working alongside the new units. This meant that the boiler pipework had to be specially modified, and new flueing arrangements installed.

These potential headaches were successfully overcome and the new boilers are now working alongside the two retained older units, helping the customer to realise energy savings from their more efficient operation.


If your building is suffering from underheating or in need of heating maintenance our qualified M&E engineers will be able to diagnose on immediate action required, or offer advice on our HVAC maintenance contracts.

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