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With the winter months closing fast and the chill starting to cut through the air, many of us are turning up the heat and working our boilers as hard as we can. But the last thing we want to do is leave a nice warm house in the morning and walk into a freezing office for the day, so the owners of commercial properties need to start thinking about the best way to heat their premises without breaking the bank. Luckily, there is a simple solution to help you avoid frostbite, keep your customers happy and costs under control.

What Are Biomass Boilers?

Biomass boilers, unlike conventional boilers, are fuelled using a unique mix of pelletized wood chips in order to deliver a more environmentally sustainable heating solution. These boilers operate at much higher and efficient levels while still being considered as a 'carbon neutral' and renewable as an energy source.

The traditional fossil fuels we use in everyday boilers take millions of years to form and not long to use up, whilst the fuel biomass boilers use can be replaced as quickly as the plants can grow. This means that the very nature of biomass boilers creates a 'closed carbon cycle', where the plants being grown for fuel will absorb the same amount of CO2 as is being given off when they are burnt. Research into the effects of biomass boilers has suggested that wood burning fuels give off less than 10% of the emissions that are produced by conventional fossil fuelled heating systems found in typical commercial properties.

Why Install Biomass Boilers?

Choosing Biomass boilers over more traditional boilers is often viewed as a 'risky' decision, but actually it has multiple advantages, including:

Green Energy - As we mentioned above, the amount of CO2 given off by biomass boilers is equal to the amount the plants absorb in their growth cycle. This makes the process sustainable and environmentally friendly, and allows the fuel to be re-grown and replaced quickly. There are, of course, some carbon emissions involved in the cultivation, manufacturing and transportation process, but these are so low that they equate to around 10% of the emissions used by traditional fossil fuels. However as long as the fuels used are locally sourced, which is easily achievable, then the emissions are still much lower than those of fossil fuels.

Affordable Energy - Biomass boilers are generally a more cost effective option to run - especially when heating large spaces like office complexes. Although the price of wood fuels can vary quite considerably depending on time of year and geographical location, biomass is still proven to be the cheaper option.

Financial Support - Because the government is trying to incentivise people to be green, installing wood fuel boiler systems mean you could benefit from the Renewable Heat Incentive, which means you might be able to be paid for the heat you produce from your biomass boiler. This incentive is part of the UK governments Green Deal, which takes the form of a financing mechanisms to reward people for making energy efficient improvements and save on their energy bills - on both professional and personal properties. Encouraging the uptake of more renewable heat technologies through financial incentives is the perfect way to improve our planet, quality of life and happiness levels in the country. In addition, the government estimates the renewable heat incentive to make significant contributions towards the 2020 targets set out for the reduction of emissions.

With so many upsides to installing biomass boiler systems in your property, it's a simple decision to make the switch. So this winter, why not look into a new way of heating your commercial property that will save you money and save the planet?

For more information on installing and running Biomass boilers, please call Aster Maintenance on 01252 844 055 or send us an enquiry and we will be pleased to advise on how we can help your business to become more energy efficient.