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Commercial Gas & Water Metering Services

Aster Maintenance provides qualified gas and water engineers to service, install and maintain your gas and water meters 

Gas and Water metering servicesMonitoring how much gas and water flows into and out of your premises, or is being used by a particular system or item of plant, can highlight inefficiency, waste and otherwise undetectable leaks.

We use the latest gas and water meter technology

Using sophisticated metering technology, the volume of gas and water flowing in and out of buildings can be tracked and measured. This data provides a valuable tool for decision-making around the efficiency of building services, plant and systems, appropriate usage, cost and environmental impact.

Detecting underground gas and water leaks

Older pipework and underground infrastructure can suffer with leaking water mains and gas pipes. Unless visible, losses may remain undetected for months or even years, costing you money and wasting valuable resources.

Our expert engineers will use monitoring equipment to highlight whether underground gas or water leaks are present, resulting in significant savings once leaks have been fixed and preventing future losses from occurring. Recently, one of our public sector clients was alerted to an underground water leak which was losing 20,000 litres of water per day.  We have now installed a sub-metering system linked to an energy monitoring system which is now saving them water and money.

Installing gas and water meters

Monitoring equipment is relatively inexpensive and often straightforward to install. Therefore, we recommend that facilities managers and anyone responsible for energy use in a building or any other premises, consider fitting pulse-enabled secondary gas and water meters to measure the activities, processes and plant that are consuming these precious and expensive commodities. This will also go a long way to meeting the requirements of mandatory ESOS audits, should your organisation require these.

If you measure it, you can manage it.

Meter asset management

Aster Maintenance work with Meter Asset Managers to provide results-analysis from meters once installed. We are involved at the installation stage and are committed to maintaining metering systems through regular service and maintenance checks.*

As well as installing gas and water meters, we are also able to facilitate automatic meter readings from existing gas and water meters. M&T systems, AMR systems.

*Aster Maintenance are accredited by National Grid and Scotia Gas Networks to install automated gas meter reading equipment to their meters.


Aster Maintenance M&E HVAC Engineers provide dedicated and professional building maintenance services to businesses in and UK

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