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Commercial Fire Extinguisher Servicing

Aster Maintenance engineers provide servicing of fire extinguishers, on-site at your premises, including water, powder, CO2, foam and wet chemical fire extinguishers, etc. Our fire extinguisher maintenance service adheres to the standards required by buildings insurance providers.

Fire extinguisher servicingFire extinguishers require regular maintenance because their contents can lose pressure, they are prone to rusting on the inside and the highly pressurised environment inside the canister can cause seams to become weakened. If you need to use a fire extinguisher which hasn’t been serviced for a long time, you may find that valves stick and that it won’t work properly.

Fire extinguisher maintenance can prevent this from happening. We recommend that fire extinguisher servicing is undertaken by a professional on an annual basis.

We also offer fire alarm servicing & maintenance and will be happy to quote you for any or all of these services.


Aster Maintenance M&E Fire Alarm Engineers provide dedicated and professional building maintenance services to businesses in and UK

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