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What is ESOS?

ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) was introduced by the Government to help large businesses look at and implement energy-saving methods to reduce carbon emissions. Part of the agreement is that the businesses need to carry out ESOS assessments to audit energy consumption in their building every 4 years.

Next audit year will be 2023 and compliances need to be logged by 5th December 2023.

ESOS (Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme) photo

Your obligations are:

  1. To have an energy consumption calculation 
  2. Be aware of where the larger energy is consumed 
  3. Have an appointed Lead Assessor 
  4. Inform the Environment Agency of your compliance 
  5. Retain all records

We can help you - we are ESOS Lead Assessors - please contact us to send you a quote.

We are Lead Assessors and Low Carbon Consultants and can help you to comply with ESOS. We are fully qualified to go through the compliance process. We will provide you with an annual analysis required to comply with ESOS.