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Hot Water Calorifier Servicing & Replacement

Commercial hot water storage cylinders, known as calorifiers, can suffer from performance degradation especially where the water is very ‘hard’ thus leaving limescale deposits on the inside of the vessel. This can be largely overcome by fitting a water softener, something which Aster Maintenance recommends if you are replacing a calorifier or installing a new one.

Heating services, Hot water calorifierSome of the problems that may indicate the vessel needs attention are:

  • Poor flow of hot water
  • Hot water not reaching its designed temperature
  • Hot water taking a long time to ‘recover’ after a large draw-off of water
  • ‘Kettling’ of the calorifer or gas-fired HWS generator
  • Discolouration of the hot water
  • Erratic performance & temperature variation

Some of these faults can be caused by external issues such as faulty controls or a problem with the primary plant. If you are experiencing any of these irregularities with your hot water, why not contact us and book a callout to investigate the cause?

Sometimes there is no alternative to complete replacement of the calorifier, particularly if the vessel is leaking either externally or internally. Aster Maintenance will be happy to quote you for maintenance, repair and replacement of HWS calorifiers of any make and model.


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