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Data Centres Cooling Systems

Data Centres present unique challenges in terms of energy efficient, reliable cooling systems. Aster Maintenance provide complete Data Centre cooling systems for server room cooling and rack cooling, as well as planned maintenance services to industrial and commercial organisations.

Air conditioning services, Data centre cooling photoHow much energy is your data system using? What changes could be made to improve the efficiency and reduce the running costs? Discover the answers by arranging a data centre cooling maintenance survey with Aster Maintenance.

We assess the energy output of your data systems to provide effective cooling solutions and help reduce your PUE numbers.

Reviewing your data centre cooling systems and ensuring they are properly maintained is essential to avoid malfunction and sub-optimum performance issues.

Often,It is often the case that maintaining current Data Centre air conditioning systems and cooling systems is a more cost-effective solution than investing in new equipment, and can significantly reduce running costs. Our HVAC Engineers will combine best practice advice and field experience to recommend appropriate options to improve the efficiency of your data centre cooling systems.

Air conditioning inspections

Air conditioning inspections confirm the energy efficiency of cooling systems and are required by law. Find out more about whether you need to arrange an air conditioning inspection as part of your Data Centre cooling systems planned maintenance programme.

Arrange a Data Centre cooling maintenance visit

During your Data Centre cooling systems maintenance visit, the HVAC Engineer will conduct a full review of your current cooling systems, and will test and service them to present clear recommendations for improvements or adjustments where necessary.


Aster Maintenance M&E Air Conditioning Engineers provide dedicated and professional building maintenance services to businesses in and UK.

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