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Commercial Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Our expert HVAC Engineers provide planned maintenance programmes to undertake regular checks for air conditioning service and repair.  Regular servicing of your system will help to ensure that the air exchange works as efficiently as possible, meaning your visitors and staff will enjoy a comfortable environment at all times of year, and for many more years to come.

Air Conditioning Systems maintenanceLeak Testing of Air Conditioning Systems

EU Regulation 517/2014 (also known as the F-Gas regulations) specifies statutory leak testing of systems containing refrigerants. Most smaller commercial air conditioning systems require testing annually, some will be 6-monthly and others 3-monthly. Some systems require fixed leak detection equipment to be in place.

Our HVAC Engineers regularly maintain all common industrial air conditioning systems from our base in Hampshire, within commercial and public buildings in UK.   

Planned Maintenance of commercial air conditioning systems

Air conditioning systems are commonly situated in very public areas, so you need to be sure that maintenance visits are timed to suit your schedule so that the HVAC Engineers can work efficiently. Our skilled team of HVAC Engineers are always mindful of your building environment and will take care to make a good impression on your behalf when working on your site.

When should air conditioning be serviced?

We recommend that commercial air conditioning systems are fully serviced at least twice a year to maintain optimum performance and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns and poor performance.

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Aster Maintenance M&E Air Conditioning Engineers provide dedicated and professional building maintenance services to businesses in and UK.

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